Currant Black

Black Currant is very high in vitamin C and minerals. Properties that make it one of the best fruit, very useful for infectious diseases and infections. Appetizing if consumed before meals, and facilitates digestion if eaten after the meal.

Black Currant is the largest source of Vitamin C (up to 182 mg per 100 g of fruit) and to a lesser extent vitamin B, P, E, provitamin A, potassium and iron. Besides vitamins, is particularly rich in fiber, containing more than 5.5 g per 100 gr of berries. Fiber is of major importance for the proper functioning of the intestine, while helping to create satiety feeling in the stomach. Besides the above, currants are rich in polyphenols, plant substances known for their antioxidant activity, as well as have the ability to capture free radicals that damage body tissues.