Sour Cherries

Those who like the sour but aromatic taste, enjoy the fruit in its natural state or dried. Considered energizing fruit, beneficial for anemia, asthma, diseases of the kidneys and liver, as well as for arthritis, it reduces the levels of uric acid.

Sour Cherries have high quantities of vitamin C (raw) and antioxidant polyphenols, such as anthocyanins (more than in cherries), which fight free radicals and their harmful aftermath in the body. Thus preventing the development of tumors, inflammation and is indicated for those with cardiovascular problems. Athletes with aching muscles drink the juice as traditional painkiller prescription. The content of 17 beneficial antioxidants confer anti-aging characteristics, while two of them (kaempferol, quercetin) improve memory, concentration and vision. The content of vitamin A is ten times higher than that of the cherries.

How to use: They can be eaten raw as a snack or add to granola, trail mix, baked goods, salsa, stuffing, fruit salad, ice-cream